Pick a side, Tom

Indeed, Carrier has shown his true colors–his true colors are that of an actual credible scholar who takes pride in their research and tries, with due diligence, to publish work that is solid and sound and reasonable.  And he is not afraid to confront scholarship that is anything but sound and reasonable.  And while that may not win him friends, it is an admirable quality as so many scholars tend to handle these matters with kid gloves when, in fact, sometimes bad arguments just need a swift kick in the pants.  It isn’t my style, but it certainly is Carrier’s.  That is okay with me.

via Of Scholars and Things: Bart Ehrman, Pride, and Credibility « The Musings of Thomas Verenna.

Tom, you deny that you are a mythicist, and that’s all fine and dandy, but I have yet to see you allow that a non-mythicist is ever right or credible. Instead, you consistently and readily defend mythicists and their pseudo-scholarship, even to the point of being blinded to the silliness of it all.

One cannot easily deny their association with a group if they spend all of their time defending the ‘quality’, ‘truth’ claims, or ‘validity’ of said group.

Pick a side, Tom.

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