Philip G. Davis on The Narrative Shape of Mark

Larry Hurtado brings up a view espoused by Philip G. Davis concerning Mark’s overall narrative:

“Indeed, it is striking that many of the most notable Markan ‘omissions’ involve matters which are not susceptible of imitation, including the virginal conception and the pre-eschatological resurrection. Mark’s whole story of Jesus can be read as a blueprint for the Christian life: It begins with baptism, proceeds with the vigorous pursuit of ministry in the face of temptation and opposition, and culminates in suffering and death oriented towards an as-yet unseen vindication.” (p. 109)

via The Narrative Shape of Mark « Larry Hurtado’s Blog.

Interesting indeed, but I note that BW3 sees the ending of Mark as ‘lost’ since it doesn’t serve the overall storytelling techniques of the time. I wonder if BW3 is right, then does this take away from Davis’ thesis? I would be interested in seeing other examples of narratives/biographies of the period styled like as this (as Davis says Mark may be).

And while we are on the topic, Bauckham has a video (HT) about the Gospels as eyewitness accounts,

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