Personal insight into the gay agenda

I attended this meeting this afternoon. It was met with no protest and all those who attended seemed to “the choir” which I assume is the super secret gay code word for those who do not believe it is okay to kill the gays.

The discussions were friendly enough, until we retired to the sanctuary. There I learned the secret radical gay agenda.

If I suddenly disappear in the next day or two, you’ll understand why – because I am sharing with you these secrets.

They are attempting to love. That’s right. Their battleplan includes appreciation of the other person’s viewpoints as an equal standing as theirs. They are focusing on trying to see others as people first and viewpoints second. This is scary stuff. They preached loving those with different opinions and bodily functions than their own. They are preaching love.

I don’t like it. They want to force love upon the fundamentalists, as if all you need is love… of if we are to be known by how we love one another.


I’ll keep you updated.

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9 Replies to “Personal insight into the gay agenda”

  1. Lesson, I guess….God judges, we are not suppose to. Strange personal observation: Church members, I have seen, welcome people, with open arms, from prison. No one every questions why they had gone to prison. Usually, the person eventually ends up giving their testimony, and they say all the terrible stuff they did. More open arms, regardless of the story. Then when the subject of gays come up, who have not been to prison for anything, different story. Not exactly open arms. More like, “armed and ready to attack”. Fundamentalists think it is a symptom of our terrible state of society, although most of them are OK with going to war at the drop of a hat, and most wars kill civilians, not combatants nowadays.. Most fundamentalists now have the opposite philosophy of Voltare’s Candide, “this is the WORST of all possible times, now”. Guess they forgot the black plague, inquisition, slavery, extermination of native Americans, civil war, WWI, depression, WWII, polio and influenza deaths. But our society now is terrible, and sooo unAmerican. I personally think we’re living in a pretty darn good time. I’d say, if the fundamentalists want to live in OT times, Nuke everyone and start WW3, and you can go back to the stone age. Actually, now that I think about it, Romney might be the solution. He could push the button, and then the new temple could be built in Missouri, after the dust settles. Start up the old animal sacrifice, and we’re back to the OT.

    1. “Guess they forgot the black plague, inquisition, slavery, extermination of native Americans, civil war, WWI, depression, WWII, polio and influenza deaths.”

      None of the above has destroyed society and hastened the end of time as the “gay” lie is doing.Nobody will tell Christ that he is out of step with the world,they will be told to be quiet and they will comply.

          1. That’s because it is too stupid to respond.

            Let me give you an example:

            Dinosaurs caused Hurricane Sandy.

            See, that’s stupid. There is no reason to respond to something so completely stupid.

  2. is it loving to encourage people to stay in what the Bible has defined for us as sin (not what we decide is sin, we are under submission to what God has taught). by the same token, then, we should encourage premarital sex, extramarital sex, incest–whatever can be sentimentally referred to by participants in a dreamy way as ‘just love.’ and gays want to force love on the fundamentalists, what is that even supposed to mean? there is some monolithic way of thinking amongst all people who describe themselves as gay, and they just love and are very accepting and cozy of everyone? have you lost all grasp of reality?

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