Percy Bysshe Shelley: The Necessity of Atheism

Percy Bysshe ShelleyDr. Hoffmann is again, on target here.

And partly because they increasingly believe what they believe without inquiry, on the basis of what prestigious people have said or written. That is a religious approach, not a critical approach to religion. And that is as fatal for atheism as blind faith is for faith.

He presents an essay by P.B. Shelley dealing with 19th century atheism – something different, like the religious ideas of then and now, than the atheism presented today:

The Necessity of Atheism « The New Oxonian.

If you scroll down to the comment section, not the one about Shelley’s essay on Christianity.

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2 Replies to “Percy Bysshe Shelley: The Necessity of Atheism”

  1. Le Prof – he be Hoffmann with two enns 😉 Poor Shelley eh? Brilliant essay at 19 – and gets sent down by brainless proctors… wonder how many noisy old atheists have read it, or know there history. Mind you, it kinda demonstrates that the best argument against the existence of God is the lack of a convincing argument for the existence of God…

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