@PastorMark pulls a Palin

He writes, in part:

ask if you see enough substantive Christian men to lead your church for the next few generations, and if not, sound the alarm that there is a crisis!

As Maggie D said on Facebook… then, let women lead!

Other parts I have an issue with:

Please do not back down from the perfection, authority, and sufficiency of Scripture as the very Word of God.

Christ is the ‘very Word of God.’

He complains about his wife being ignored… which I find ironic as he seems to view women as sexual objects.

He pulls a Palin and blames the media for ‘gotcha journalism’ blaming the reporter, labeling him as a liberal Christian. That is the thing, right? If they don’t agree with Mark, then they are liberal and out to get him. He lists a few things that the reporter doesn’t believe in. Who is the measure of truth? Mark Driscoll… who goes on to say that it’s all about Jesus.

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