Passenger note to a female pilot: The Cockpit is no place for…

I thought that being a Christian would make one smarter! 

Read and be embarrassed of some of your fellow “christians” (small c). BTW, The same chapter extols women wisdom! What an ignoramus!

If you do a very simple exegesis in Proverbs 31, mainly on verse 23 (Prov 31:23) you will find that her husband’s wisdom is respected in the city among the rulers because they  know who is his wife; it is because of her wisdom. Notably these rulers, called elders for a reason, know that this man goes back to his home after work and at supper table, relates his day at work to her and she provides him with wise counseling. Judging by the previous verses, this lady is a genius. She validates the term “lead from behind”.

As a frequent flyer I feel at ease when I see a woman at the yoke. This guy not only ignores biblical teaching about women but also created one of his own and now is being inappropriate, offensive, giving unsolicited opinion…  Actually he added to the text something that is not there and was not meant to be there. This fellow needs to get out more!

I am awarding him the Golden Emerod (1 Sam 6:5-11) – The Oscar of biblical stupidity!
Well deserved Sir… well deserved!

Passenger note for female pilot: “The cockpit of an airline is no |

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5 Replies to “Passenger note to a female pilot: The Cockpit is no place for…”

  1. Anyway you slice it, the Bible is a patriarchal book. Men lead; women follow. That’s the story from human history Genesis to Paul’s New Testament admonitions. Some people just take it a little more seriously than do others.

  2. I agree! Anyway you slice it! Oh man, there it is another expression that makes me think that we corresponded before… Well, I don’t want to eliminate the fun of the mystery. However in establishing a culture there is a reason why I think God chose “parochialism”, especially the O.T. There is nowhere, even in the text mentioned by the guy in the article, where the Bible says that woman are incapable of great feats, which includes to be such an adviser to her husband that it earned her husband respect! What a lady!

  3. Too bad! The writer of the note would not be allowed into the temple, Deut 23:1 No one whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of The Lord (NRSV, my new favorite verse in the bible).

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