Paradise Recovered

Randy Olds writes,

Thanks to Gavin Rumney at Otagosh for alerting me on his blog about this upcoming movie about recovering from the devastating effects of spiritual abuse. Looks like a good movie for those who have endured Amstrongism (or some other abusive closed high-demand religious system). Probably also a good movie for someone who may have had to watch with bewilderment as someone that they love walks down the long and sometimes painful road to recovery from spiritual abuse (like my wife patiently and lovingly did for many years).



It happens a lot in extremely fundamentalist circles, of every religion. It is where a pastor is declared to be the only man of God, unquestionable, infallible. Where God is seen as wrathful, vengeful, where physical abuse is allowed to occur, where humiliation is seen as the means of keeping control, where the love of God is a myth. Double standards. Secrets. Double lives. Agendas. Politics. It happens.

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    1. Deb, my wife and daughter saw it this weekend, and they said it was great, you know, except for the weeping parts.

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