The Right to Life?

Dr. David Watson has a piece in the upcoming Touchtone magazine. It is personal, well-reasoned, and necessary to read: The

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It’s true

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Closing of Advent

Advent – a season of penance, expectation, and exile – draws to a close only to be met with the

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IS the WCA Violating It’s Own Principles?

I, as well as many others, have pointed to the United Methodist Church Judicial Council rulings in criticism of the

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Demonizing Illness…is it again, or is it still?

“Then on the following day, as they came down the hill-side, a great crowd met him. Suddenly a man from


The Gathering

This past Sunday, the priest at the Anglican Church we’ve been attending, gave us a “Liturgy Moment.” It’s a brief

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the Cure to Christmas Joy

This time of the year is rather difficult for many people. We have the holidays, especially in the US, bogged

Society and Religion

Gripping sadness

There are two recent articles grabbing my attention, both as a training mental health clinician and a trained theologian. The