Leviticus 20.2-3, the Septuagint and Patriotism as a capital offense

During my recent readings into Leviticus, I noticed a difference between the Masoritic Text and that of the Septuagint. Then


On Christian Doctrine – Augustine on the Study of Languages and the Septuagint

Just some casual reading…. 6. And hence it happened that even Holy Scripture, which brings a remedy for the terrible


Gipp, Irenaeus, and The Septuagint

Jason is taking on the argument made by many KJVO’ers, that the Greek Old Testament didn’t really exist: When one

Bible Translation

International Septuagint Day – Reasons to Study the Septuagint

A few years ago, I discovered the bible of the early Church – the Septuagint. Since then, I have gobbled

Accordance Bible

Review: @AccordanceBible’s LXX Göttingen: Big 19 Bundle (34 Books plus Apparatus) #SBLAAR18

First, the good: It downloads quickly to both the iPad and my Macbook. But, it is intended to do that.

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This will probably be my least read blog…

The nephilim have always been fascinating to me. I think it is one of the more interesting and fun parts


@RickBrannan’s Lexical Commentary on 1st Timothy, now available on @Logos

GO HERE. PRE-ORDER IT ON LOGOS. This is why. Alternatively, you can order it via Amazon. To responsibly exegete the

Accordance Bible

Inside the Orthodox Study Bible on @AccordanceBible

It is a good and proper thing to have a study bible that is set within the Great Tradition. That’s