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The Internet, Neo-Luddites, and Christians, O MY…

Christian Post, a publication I frequently read, has published a piece about big technology. There is certainly room for faith and

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The Tithe Fulfilled

I want to start by making perfectly clear a couple of things. First, I am a United Methodist, and my

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The Gospel According to Leviticus

In our youth Christian education efforts, we are currently teaching about Leviticus, and what it has to do with the

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When I Was Hungry You…Modern Conservative Social Gospel

This is probably one of the most misunderstood and maligned groups in the melding of religion and politics. Folks who

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When I Was Hungry You…Modern Progressive Social Gospel

In the first installment of this we took a brief look at the history of the social gospel movement and


When I Was Hungry You…A Brief Look At The Social Gospel

This sign has become a popular rallying point for some Democrats, and others that tend toward the more liberal side

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Indianapolis Plan Summary

Before discussing any of the details of this plan, it is in one of the best places to actually do

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UMC Next Proposal

UMC Next, has released a summary of their proposal to the next General Conference. The details of the plan have not