Outlines of Mark – Can you reinvent the wheel?

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I’m trying to start work on my Exegesis of Mark paper, and it was recommended that I use outlines. Here is one I found:

John B. Polhill, class notes and handouts (received) by Robert Lee Foster,
1992-1999, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

I. The Prologue to the Gospel of Mark 1:1-13

I think that the Prologue here is important and deserves a bit more fleshing out.

II. The Galilean Ministry 1:14—8:30
A. Exemplary Beginnings 1:14-45
B. The Early Galilean Ministry: a Rising Conflict 2:1—3:6
C. The Later Galilean Ministry: 3:7—6:13
D. Withdraw Beyond Galilee: 6:14—8:21
E. The Turning Point 8:22-30

III. The Road to the Cross 8:31—13:37
A. The Journey to Jerusalem 8:31—10:52

1. The First Passion Prediction 8:31 — 9:1
2. The Second Passion Prediction 9:30-50
3. The Third Passion Prediction 10:32-45

B. The Jerusalem Ministry: 11:1—13:37

1. The Entry 11:1-11
2. Judgment on the Temple 11:12-26 (Intercalation)
3. Conflict with the Authorities 11:27-33
4. The Markan Apocalypse 13:1-37

IV. The Markan Passion Narrative 14:1—16:8
A. Preparatory Events 14:1-52

1. The Plot 14:1-11 (Intercalation)
2. The Passover Supper 14:12-26
3. The Gethsemane Agony 14:27-52

B. The Trials 14:53 — 15:15

1. Before the Sanhedrin 14:53-57 (Intercalation)
2. Before Pilate 15:1-15

C. The Crucifixion 15:16-47
D. The Burial 15:42-47
E. The Resurrection: 16:1-8

V. The Longer Ending of Mark 16:9-20

Do you have any outlines in particular which you use for the Gospel of Mark?

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2 Replies to “Outlines of Mark – Can you reinvent the wheel?”

  1. Chad and I are working through the Gospel of mark, translating it. We havent put out an outline. I think that will come as we go along.

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