Orthopraxy trumps Orthodoxy

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There is little doubt that my personal theology is experiencing changes. For one, I have serious doubts as the actions on our part which guarantees us salvation, either by signing a letter, shaking a hand, saying a prayer of jumping the pews in an ecstatic utterance. I believe that Salvation has already been given. But I do not think that an orthodox pattern of belief, outlined succinctly in the several creeds, are needed. I believe in orthopraxis more than anything. I believe in the Eucharist as the center of all Christian theology, communion, and ecumenical efforts.

Anyway, Daniel Kirk has a question up, regarding the orthodoxy. The above is my answer.

But there is something else. No doubt, either in private conversation or on this blog, you have noticed my great affinity for Tim Gombis, author of ]], but I do try to refrain from posting a link to everything which he writes which I agree with because you know, I don’t want to appear like a fan boy… ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, Dr. Gombis has a post up which I think one should read. I do not believe in Justification by Faith Alone, nor sola scriptura, nor sola fide, etc… According to some then, I am lost.

He writes, in part,

Evangelicals often ask,Whatโ€™s the minimum a person has to believe to be saved?ย  Why are we not asking ourselves how we can lead people to experience as much of the life and love of God as they can possibly get?

Third, neo-Calvinist evangelicals wrongly associate the gospel with justification by faith.

But, you have to read the entire post to get what he is saying.

I am tired of labels as far as fellow believers go, and tired of super-strict lines which remove the Gospel of Jesus Christ from front and center and place it on people 16oo years removed, which, from what I read, even those great men would not want the sort of inerrant adoration applied to them. Granted, there needs to be boundaries set so as to prevent such things as we saw this past weekend.

Of course, I guess their could be a difference between doctrine, dogma, and theology…

Anyway… read the posts. Great stuff.

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8 Replies to “Orthopraxy trumps Orthodoxy”

  1. I would like to think that a renewed focus on orthopraxy is leading to a new age for Christianity. I wish that I could. Aside from the fact that the parroting correct creeds is well-entrenched, I am left wondering into what pitfalls orthopraxy might lead the flock…

  2. Hi Joel,

    ” I believe in the Eucharist as the center of all Christian theology, communion, and ecumenical efforts.”

    Excellent comment!

    You once said that you are ‘ sort ‘ of Preterist, in that you believe that much of Revelation has been fulfilled (although you never said which parts of it)

    IF Revelation 1:7 cf. Matthew 16:27,28 has literally been fulfilled. And since Jesus’ words in Matthew 26:27,28 were both literally and physically fulfilled in the first century, then our sins are also remitted by his shed blood, when we believe and are baptized in water.

    In light of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 11:25,26 that the Eucharist/Lord’s supper was to be taken in remembrance of Jesus and to show his death till he came. In your opinion (if this is what Paul really meant) is it good to eat the bread and drink the wine with the mind set that we are doing this in his memory and showing his death, IF he has also literally come in the Glory of God the Father, fulfilling all of these things that were written?


    1. I have come to believe that all, except for the final two or three chapters have been fulfilled.

      So, Christ is yet to ‘come’ but what that means….

  3. I think that Scripture shows that its neither correct doctrine nor is it correct practice that is the core foundation of Christianity…I will argue that “Experience” is the core foundation.

    One cannot either be right in doctrine or practice if one has never experienced the love of God being poured out into their hearts / minds / soul….

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