Orthodoxy Christianity will make you Gay

Really wish I could just write orthodox Christianity, but, oh well.

From PJ:


You can find the original video here.

Gnosticism….don’t you love it.

There is a lot to deal with in this video, but the main thing is – its not a long line between the New Mystics such as John Crowder and Dennington.

Exegesis, proper exegesis, is needed and even a firmer grasp on the original languages.

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9 Replies to “Orthodoxy Christianity will make you Gay”

  1. I am going to type this as I watch this video:

    1. To start with it is difficult to take any video seriously that uses comic sans as a font.

    2. Oh a female teacher. Sorry the only female teacher I pay any attention to is Melissa Scott (Heretic and widow of the deceased Gene Scott ((Also a heretic))) and that is because of 3 things 1) She is HOT (and I am single) 2)She is an amazing linguist 3) Did I mention she is HOT and single and I am single? Problem: She is NOT an orthodox believer. Sorry Melissa, in this game thats a big no no and that rates you a 0 on the dating scale. I digress.

    3. Can’t they Iron their backdrop instead of hanging a sheet that has been folded?

    4. Is she really going to try to disprove the Trinity by using an anti Gnostic passage from 2nd John?

    5. (Sarcasm)Really the source of our knowledge about God and His teaching is Scripture? What about that passage about women not having authority over men and paedeoligical authority? Oh wait we are already going to isolate scripture so I guess I should not bring that up.

    6. OK 2:30 in and there is misapplication after misapplication

    7. So a number of passages that prove the deity of Christ Do what to disprove the Trinity? Oh I bet she is going to go with something like “Since they do not explicitly state Christ and the Holy Spirit then they show there cannot be a Trinity” This is going to be like saying I wrote a proof about Chevy being made by GM and so I am saying that Buick is not made by GM because I never mentioned Buick in my proof about Chevy. Wait, does that make God Cadillac? I am confused now.

    8. The word Trinity is not in the Bible? Oh no! I guess that means that since the word Brumbelow is not in the Bible I do not exist. Oh wait, The bible was not written in Latin or English so I guess I am OK.

    OK Sorry Polycarp, I made it through 3:45 of this video and I am going to have to bail.

    Sometimes, sometimes we use terms not in the Bible to simplify our teachings about the Bible. She wants to try to work around Mt 28:18-20, Ge 1:2 and so on, plus the idea that the Spirit was the one that created Christ’s physical form. I am going to bet further that she is a Modalist or Arian, but I am not going to listen long enough to find out. The Holy Spirit is described as having the same omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence as that God the Father and Christ. Since only God can have these attributes and only God can create things The Holy Spirit must be God.

    1. I knew I should have made this into a game! Well done!

      She is no modalist, not even a misinformed one, but she is nevertheless an Arian on some level.

      There is a connection here between her and the New Mystics, which should be explored, but maybe later.

  2. I just love the convoluted beliefs of those of the Church of Ignorant Faith. I smell Arius, which is like Arius’s Arabic brother Mo. Only problem is that sister Monica looks anorexic with a little more meat she might qualify as decent looking. I think that Brother RK is wrong about sister Melissa in her gray cleric shirt. I don’t think that she is good looking. As far as heretic female false prophets go I think that Paula White isn’t bad looking, but then I’m almost 50.



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