Opening up Scientology

You need to watch The Master, but until then, ]], niece of the cult leader is holding open press on the subject

“If you do become pregnant when you’re there, you get kicked out,” she said. “Or many of my friends were actually coerced into having abortions.”

Hill also described tales of forced labor and abusive teachers, and said she knew she had to leave the church after being exposed to the outside world on a mission trip abroad.

“When we went back to LA after that mission, it was like, everything was in plain view,” she said. “Back to fifteen minute meals, you can’t go to bed before 1:00 AM, you have to stay up all night even though you did yesterday…It put a lot of things in plain sight. There was no denying it. They started taking away your phones, your internet access…that was a big turning point for me.”

What’s really nice is that all cults are the same, regardless of supposed higher power. Well, maybe not the exact same, but the issue of control is always prevalent.

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  1. Prior to becoming a Christian I was in a band with a scientologist. He was quite high up over here, and they, for some reason, thought I was just the guy for them. I was invited to, and went to some “special” conferences (that non scientologists dont usually get to go to). And I got to have a one on one with a lady who was one of L.Ron’s originals from the Sea Org. If it hadnt been for my mom making me go to sunday school, and church as a kid, I’d probably be a scientologist now.. however, there was a few things that didnt sit right, and this lady from the Sea Org was terrifying (even to an ex bouncer, bass player in a rock band).

    Last week I watched a doco called “dangerous persuasions” which had an episode about a lady and husband who escaped from scientology after 20 something years, and all the stuff that was done to them. Interestingly, the same lady from the Sea Org featured in this video.. (her “interrogation” techniques nearly sent the subject of the doco around the bend). They aren’t just a cult, they are actually dangerous, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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