Online Sermons for Sunday

Thought I might highlight a few of the sermons online, for those who aren’t in a local church or otherwise not able to get out this morning.

You might try Michael Halcomb’s sermon, or Ben Witherington’s when he was in Mark’s congregation a few Sunday’s ago. You might even try all of Mark’s sermons, at least the ones on mp3. Or, you may enjoy a few of those delivered at the congregation we are attending.

Either way, have a blessed Sunday.

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6 Replies to “Online Sermons for Sunday”

  1. Deb, I’ve struggled with that a bit too, but in the end, with biblical examples, I cannot find justification for that view point any longer. I mean, we have Pheobe, Priscilla, Chloe and the women who pray and prophesy (speak for God) in the public service (1st Cor. 11), I don’t see how I can undervalue your voice because you are a woman.

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