One Day – Sermon notes

2 Peter 3.3-10
Longsuffering for repentance and mockers and scoffer, God is not slack concerning His promises.

Messiah promised – Genesis 3.15, Isa 9.6
Messiah given – Luke 2.11

Promises given to Israel – Promised Land, prosperity, peace, protection, and destruction.

mat 24.37-39
Noah – that day did come and will come again

Man’s one day might never get here. God’s always will
Luke 12.16-20 –Man who built towers
Luke 16.19-30 – The Rich Man

mark 13.32 – that day that no man knows

luke 21.34 – that day will come unaware

1 Thess 5.4 – thief in a night – ‘the Day’ in Greek, is an absolute word, implying a certain amount of force to the word that is unable to carry over easily into the English. Each time in Paul’s writings, it is absolute, as if THE DAY is the title, like we would say Easter.

2tim 1.12 – committed against that day

1Co 3.13 – Every man’s works will be revealed in The Day.

Isa 49.8 & 2 Co 6.2 – Now is the day, now is the time
Mark 1:13-14 – The command of Christ
Romans 13.12 – The day is at hand

History is filled with would’ve, could’ve and should’ve’s; don’t let your eternity be.

Ephesians 4.30 – Sealed unto the day of redemption /vs. 1st Peter 2.9 – Peculiar (God’s lay-away plan.)

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