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Maybe you are a pastor who has never experienced doubt, or questioned anything about what you are teaching. Maybe you have never grown weary in the job… I mean, Moses grew weary, Paul questioned and yes, even Christ experienced a little fear about what was really going on…

Rachel Held Evans posted this sometime last week, I think, and thought that I might direct your attention yonder way…

Dear Pastors,

Tell us the truth.

Tell us the truth when you don’t know the answers to our questions, and your humility will set the example as we seek them out together.

Tell us the truth about your doubts, and we will feel safe sharing our own.

Tell us the truth when you get tired, when the yoke grows too heavy and the hill too steep to climb, and we will learn to carry one another’s burdens because we started with yours.

Read the rest here:

Rachel Held Evans | Dear Pastors – Tell Us the Truth.

Also, she is trying to raise money for World Vision with a few auctions.

I don’t think that the congregation actually understands what pastors go through… but, I hope that you are treating your pastor with Grace.

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