On the Question of My Doctrine

Friends, recently I’ve had a few emails stating that

And by the way, some bloggers think you are way off on your doctrine of God besides me.

If these bloggers would stand up, I sure would appreciate it. I do not believe in doctrinal development, progression, or otherwise moving past the simpleness stated in the New Testament. I take it that the Apostles knew exactly what they were saying, and said everything we needed – it is very much the Faith once for all delivered and the pattern of Paul’s words which I attempt to use. For my doctrine, I try to remain within their writings as best as possible, ignoring anything else. Granted, this might put me at odds with more than a few others to which certain labels matters, such as Trinitarian. Then again, what the same people fall to realize is that labels were rarely applied in the New Testament. Also, if we judged each other on labels, well, how many will escape?

Frankly, I have to agree with what John Calvin said –

undoubted as the proper essentials of religion: for instance, that God is one, that Christ is God, and the Son of God, that our salvation depends on the mercy of God, and the like. (Institutes 4.1.12)

I wasn’t always this way, but the more I try to grow, the more that it comes down to few things. I agree with Calvin here, that God is one, that Christ is God and the very Son of God, and that our salvation is not something we can earn or merit, but only comes from the Grace of God. From there, we can start and in many ways, finish.

Granted, in the biblioblogosphere, we have a wide range of doctrinal positions, and even positions which take no doctrinal stands whatsoever. Of course, I am led to believe that ‘some bloggers’ simply think I am way off.

Before anyone suggests that labels and theological concepts developed over centuries are essential to salvation, be prepared to show me in the bible those same things. For me, I find great theological solace in Tertullian, Athanasius, Marcellus, and the 3rd century bishop of Rome.

Now, if those ‘bloggers’ who think that I am ‘way off’ and further, that it matters that much, would please stand up and stop emailing or otherwise gossiping behind my back, I sure would appreciate it – I mean, if there is really that many of you.

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25 Replies to “On the Question of My Doctrine”

    1. What’s funny, Jim, is that you were mentioned as the main one declaring me way off, as if using you as a measuring stick would matter?

  1. I agree with you for what it’s worth. It’s not about later elaborations of the text by the developing church seeking its identity in a changing world, it is about the earliest Christian documents. And I doubt very much ‘some bloggers’ think you are ‘way off’ on your doctrine at all – let alone that they are talking about it to each other about it. My guess is that the only one with a problem is the Irishman living in America, served in the Marines etc etc.

  2. joel that makes no sense. if i wanted to call you on some point i’d do it myself. i wouldnt do it through some proxy.

    if you dont see it on my site or in something ive written myself, don’t believe it.

    i can speak for myself and if someone else is speaking for me, ignore them or beat them, whichever you prefer.

      1. I just don’t believe your emailer. I don’t believe any of the bibliobloggers would gossip about this. ‘Some [nameless] bloggers’ indeed. My guess still goes with someone who had a rant on your initial Psalms of Solomon post.

  3. I dont know who thinks you’re ‘way off’. I just think you’re off. But not about everything.

    It doesnt matter what others think, just what God wants.

    I’d guess someone was trying bolster their position.

    1. I believe you are correct, Wb. The problem, as I see it, is that too often, people set themselves up as final arbiters of the faith and that everyone else must agree with them. Frankly, there is too much to agree over, and we’ll let God sort the rest out.

      1. I dont think I’m the final arbiter of the faith. I know everyone who doesnt agree with me is wrong. And that’s ok. People were given free will for a reason, and they are free to agree with me or not. It IS all about me; its just that no one else realizes it – yet. 😉

        Sometimes I will take People who disagree with me to task, and sometimes not. I can let some people be wrong about most things. I WILL stand up (and even die) for certain doctrinal positions, but not for all doctrinal positions. But I can not worship with someone who is not worshipping the God through faith in Christ.

        1. Really, Joel…

          This isn’t about you…. Chaw! Focus Joel.

          This is totally about me and my rightness… 🙂

          Others’ opinions matter not.
          Its all about me and whether other bloggers think I am right or not.


          Wait! What were we discussing?

          Oh right. Whether people think you are off or not.

          Does it matter? Study God’s word. Trust in Christ. Be filled and led by the Holy Spiit. Seek God and his righteousness. Be convinced by the Holy Spirit in your conscience.

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