On Tax Day…where your dollar goes


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3 Replies to “On Tax Day…where your dollar goes”

  1. The United States’ military budget adds up to MORE than the combined total spent by next eight big spenders on defense. They are: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom (Britain), Germany, Japan, and India.

    Yet, unless one wants to count Granada, the United States military hasn’t won a war in 70 years!

    Despite this, the draft-dodgers and Yellow Elephant Republicans in Congress want to pick a fight with Iran.

    By the way, these are many of the same people that want to bring back child labor, raise the retirement age, and turn Social Security into a slush fund for the wealthy.

  2. This is only the case if one is an American. A lot of my tax dollars go to, for example, national health insurance.

    1. Meanwhile, in additions to national and state taxation, Americans have to pay extra if they’re going to have health health insurance.

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