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Mark Taylor, current chief at Tyndale House Publishers and son of the founder of the company, has a post up about the style of the NLT, sort of. Many simply assume that the Dynamic approach (of course, I use that word in several ways!) to translating (yes, translating, not paraphrasing an earlier edition of the Scriptures) the NLT is adding to the text.

In the comments section, a commentator points to Acts 2.38, from the 2004, edition, which was changed to reflect a certain view on baptism. This was an interpretation, which was repealed in the 2007 version. This is one of the strengths, in my opinion, of Tyndale and the NLT, that they are trying to improve their translation, and not build a cult following around a set-in-stone edition.

You can read the post here:

NLT Blog.

Also, you may note the fact that the NLT Blog will be renewing itself as a new edition (like the Mosaic, not a fourth revision) is prepared.

And, one more thing. Helen Adam Sabados is interviewed for the Tyndale Blog. Adam is a great guy, at least on Twitter, and sets a fine example of the employees at Tyndale, on Twitter. Although he is from Ohio, is not that bad of a guy, on Twitter.

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