On a personal note – @ivpacademic’s Incarnational Humanism

incarnational humanism
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I have had this book for some time, and I wish I would have read it sooner. I regret not giving it more time and attention early on, but not doubt will return to it.

That’s one reason I am giving a copy away — because it deserves more attention.

I guess what I’m first saying is that I am sorry. You know, for not reading this review book earlier. I like reviewing and while it is not a job, I still feel like it is a responsibility.

Second thing, this book needs to be read in concert with Quas Primas. In 1925, Pope Pius XI established Christ the King’s feast for many of the same reasons Zimmermann has so adamantly written this book — because we in the West are embracing this false, dualistic, distinction between secular and sacred. I am not really speaking about the separation of Church and State. That is not the same thing. Instead, I am talking about this idea that any insertion of Christianity, or religion, into our Government is a moral crime. Guess what? It is because of the Christian humanistic philosophers that we have such an idea of the separation of Church and State. You cannot easily maintain Christian humanistic ideals, principles, and philosophies without, well, without Jesus Christ.

I have to say, there were times while reading this book I simply could not put it down. I was drawn so deeply into it. The theology behind it is powerful – the Fathers, Barth, Torrance, Bonhoeffer. Some of the greatest course correctors.

Seriously, this stuff doesn’t belong in a review – but you really need to get this book.

Even if you advocate humanism apart from God. Get this book. It’ll change your mind, I suspect.



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