Okay, enough. I think the Christian Left is being a little godless in their Tim Tebow vitriol

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow sp...
University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow speaks about community service during the national championship team’s visit to the White House and meeting with President Barack Obama. Screenshot of a White House video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow pulled out of a scheduled appearance at Robert Jeffress’ megachurch “due to new information” he received regarding Jeffress’ view. While he never specified what the “new information” was, Tebow was almost certainly referring to Jeffress’ virulent attacks on gays and lesbians, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam and President Obama.

Yet just weeks after withdrawing from speaking at Jeffress’s church, Tebow is now set to address Liberty University later this month at a conference geared towards men’s issues in a speech that is closed to the public. (here)

I got to thinking about me some Tim Tebow (and who doesn’t right?). What if Tim isn’t that bad of a guy and would, if he appeared at one of this schools or showcases of the religious right oppose something they were for? What if…

It would seem that every step Tim Tebow make – yes, every breath he makes – the Christian Left (ding, ding, ding, I’m one) is doing their best to prevent him from talking. Why? Are we that worried what he might say? Or, are we worried that by associating with the likes of Liberty University, he may some how qualify the quantity of their messages?

I hate to tell you this, but Tebow is a football player. Have you seen the demographics of his supporters? If he is, say, anti-gay rights (big difference between this and homophobia), would it really do anything to help his demographics? Plus, we don’t really know where he stands on some of these issues. He is often quiet on these issues, after all.

I guess, for me, in thinking about why we spend so much time tackling Tebow (football pun, sorry), is wondering if we on the Christian Left have not somehow become the reverse of the holier-than-thous.

Thank of it this way. The idealistic image of Jesus is of the God-man who ate with sinners, whores, hookers, and IRS agents. The Pharisees are those would demanded a rigid appreciation of the purity codes so as to not validate the sinners or invalidate purity. It would seem that we on the Christian Left are now in the place of the Pharisees (I know how to properly use this word, but I am referring to the analogy tossed around) and Tim Tebow is the Jesus figure eating with the sinners (conservatives, homophobes, etc…). How ironic is that? We, the open minded, freedom loving, God loves all crowd, refuse to allow someone a moment to sit and eat with those we deem unworthy of conversation and badger him until he doesn’t without ever actually knowing what he stands for, except that he professes to love God and Jesus.

How odd…

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One Reply to “Okay, enough. I think the Christian Left is being a little godless in their Tim Tebow vitriol”

  1. Thanks, Joel. A fair appraisal. How often does either side jump on the other out of perceptions and not, necessarily reality. I’m thinking Jesus would like a little more love and respect all around and a lot less trying to control others, especially through character attacks and insinuations. Not liking a position is one thing, character attack is an wholly other.

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