Oh you silly little boy

Ralph Ellis doesn’t like it that I called him out. He doesn’t like it because of a comment I left on Tom’s website.

So, he left me a nastygram on my Facebook page for the ye ole blog:

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.15.03 AM

As you can see, I handled him with the respect he deserves.

He claims to have an archeological treasure of the Turkish people. Now, he has either stolen that by absconding with it from Turkey, or had bought the stolen treasure off of eBay, or… he is lying.

So, there you go.

These trolls… gotta luv ’em.

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3 Replies to “Oh you silly little boy”

    1. also, since he doesn’t know history, archaeology, logic, common sense, or that Is that you Manu doesn’t exist, why should he expect a no-count poor imitation of Indiana Jones to know the difference between libel and slander?

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