Oh well… There goes quantum physics


There is another poster floating around about the possiblity of a multiverse where the male is able to sleep with Ms. Watson. Personally… No, never mind… That’s toooo personal… But beauty… Beauty is not about sex… Why are we so caught up ok that…

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One Reply to “Oh well… There goes quantum physics”

  1. I think that we fail to distinguish between beauty and sex appeal because of trivializing everything. I think that it’s very much the same as the fact that we have less focus on psychological thriller movies and more “splatter” films. It’s lazy and appeals to people who don’t want to put the work into anything.

    Even sex appeal has been pulled down to the level of — for lack of a better expression — implied promiscuity. If you can look at someone and pretend that she’s putting herself on display for you, then that’s supposed to be a turn-on. Because it’s lazy.

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