Oh Simcha… so many sharks, so many jumps

….Now all that has changed. From the most conservative academic quarters, Professor Karen King and the Harvard Divinity School (unofficially identified with the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Church), comes the admission that there is an early Coptic gospel (late 2nd century!) that has Jesus referring to Mary Magdalene as his “wife”.

via Jesus Was Married. Something Has Changed! | Simcha Jacobovici TV.

Um… First, the provenance has not been settled… it may be the late second century… or the late fourth century, or sometime else. Such a late source does not in fact have any real connection to the Historical Jesus.

Second… Karen King… a Conservative? The United Church of Christ… conservative? Sure, there are is a string of UCC churches in the Evansville and other German-immigrant areas of southern Indiana that are conservative, but as a whole the UCC is far, far from conservative. And the UU church?

And of course, Simcha provides straw men persons to discard. So many problems with his statements…

But, others will do better in correcting them.

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2 Replies to “Oh Simcha… so many sharks, so many jumps”

  1. There is little that can be done in correcting Jacobovici. He and Tabor are two peas in a pod, they will ignore contrary evidence simply to further their theories. I have seen them do it on more than one occasion.

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