Oh come on, Israel… really?

Jim posted something to do that I thought was a little odd, but then I found this story:

Tel Aviv University put a stop to a planned concert of music by German composer Richard Wagner.wagner

In a letter denying the request to hold the concert in a campus auditorium, the university said that Yonatan Livni, founder of the Israel Wagner Society, concealed the organization’s name and its desire to play Wagner when he requested last week to rent the auditorium, Haaretz reported Monday.

Wagner’s music traditionally has been boycotted in Israel. The forerunner to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra stopped performing his music in 1938 following Kristallnacht.

Wagner, who reportedly held anti-Semitic views, was Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer.

via jta.org

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6 Replies to “Oh come on, Israel… really?”

  1. You Christian anti Jews still pretend not to get it.

    But WE DON’T CARE. Because this time we are ready.

    While the world let Millions be exterminated last time, IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

    Look up THE SAMSON OPTION…the world goes with us next time.

  2. Remember the SAMSON OPTION.

    Think the Jews are going to go quietly whle a Second Holocaust is planned?

    Think again…look up THE SAMSON OPTION on Wikidpedia.

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