Oh come on, Amazon.co.uk – Nothing like “get your rape gear”

Looks like Amazon in the U.K. loves it some rape culture.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 6.20.50 PM

I checked and they aren’t in the U.S. Amazon Store, but the company is real.


Ht GM via the twits

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9 Replies to “Oh come on, Amazon.co.uk – Nothing like “get your rape gear””

        1. See, as a ‘follower of Jesus’ – I thought you might think that they might deserve … compassion ? Love ? Tenderness ? Forgiveness ? Patience ? Kindness ?

  1. Well, no. Nothing can be assumed as blanket consent like that, even something as stupid as a “Rape Me” shirt.

    Just like the “Hello, my name in Inigo Montoya.You killed my father. Prepare to die” t-shirt is not, in fact, a threat.

    And, no. Even a woman stupid enough to put on a “Rape Me” shirt doesn’t deserve to be raped.

    This product line is reprehensible, though. I guess Amazon has no standards.

    1. Ken, you are right. I’m not really suggesting that men should take the shirt as consent. But it is incitement, and I think anyone accused of raping someone wearing it, with the help of a good lawyer, might be acquitted.

  2. This is probably not realistic, since I’m not familiar with the British lingo….but when I took a tour
    of the Engish countryside, it was covered with rape….beautiful yellow flower fields, from which they get rapeseed, used in vegetible oil. So I don’t suppose this is being refered to in any way? Probably not. But I liked the rape fields in bloom around their countryside.

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