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Henry has written a thoughtful, but wrong, post on the allowance for Beth Moore in the UMC. Indeed, if only pastors had ONLY Beth Moore to worry about, but the good thing is, is that there are plenty of more members in the church to worry about this. He references an earlier post by UMJeremy. I have an earlier post than he.

As I wrote last night via Facebook, I am not a fan of Moore for numerous reasons, not least of which is her reliance on some secret revelation, her dismissal of sound scholarship, and her propensity to teach something bordering prosperity gospel not to mention her denial that women are equal to men, that they shouldn’t be ministers. Allowing a blanket acceptance of Beth Moore fits well into the list of problems Henry identifies. Methodists just don’t know their doctrine, and don’t know why we are different than the heathens.

This is not about controlling what people hear, but standing up to deny entry into the Church of a vile and wretched set of doctrines. In Charleston, there is a swing towards fundamentalism. We see this in several churches gaining membership from the mainlines. These churches are fundamentalist — and as my upcoming book, co-edited with Travis Milam, demonstrates, fundamentalism is dangerous. This is not simply about her unbiblical views on inerrancy and/or literalism, but about her mindset of rejection of proper theology, proper learning, and the value of women. It is not just wrong, but as Paul encountered in Galatians, against the Gospel. Likewise, those of us who have lived fundamentalism before and know the dangers of it, encounter Beth Moore with the same Paul-ine Zeal.

It is not the poor theology, but the bad theology. It is not a lot of things, but the most important thing is her view on women that irks me to no end. If you give your place over to advertising Moore, then you are giving your place over to advertising the notion that the views held by Moore are right. And we wonder why we lose members to the growing fundamentalists — because we offer only acceptance of their doctrines through passive support.

There are always issues of control — and, if it was the pastor, that may be different. I concede that. However, I am not a pastor, nor on staff, nor ordained or the such. I am a member. As a member, I will protest against advertising Beth Moore in our church. As a member, I will continue to speak to those who think Beth Moore is just alright with John Wesley. We have no responsibility to control, but we have a duty to warn.

No, not in the Ezekiel way where I cook dung bread and parade around naked.

Also, please go pre-order the book because Henry is the publisher, and I don’t want him mad at me.

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