Nueva Traducción Viviente – New Spanish NLT

This is probably the only bible that I will not ask to review for Tyndale. I am sure it will be great and I will buy me a copy when it finally arrives.

Tyndale Español, the Spanish publishing division of Tyndale House Publishers, announces the launch of the New Testament of a new Spanish translation of the Bible–the Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV). This Spanish counterpart to the NLT is being developed by Tyndale Español in partnership with the Luis Palau Association and the Spanish publishing house Editorial Unilit.

The Spanish language is considered to be the third most spoken language in the world, and the intent is for the NTV to have the same ministry impact in the Spanish-speaking world that the NLT has in the English-speaking world. The goal for the NTV is identical to that of the NLT: to communicate the Scriptures to today’s readers as clearly and powerfully as the original texts did to readers and listeners in biblical times. The NTV will bring the style and purpose of the NLT to the Spanish-speaking world.

via The Tyndale Blog

Oh, and you can preview it here:

Try it out by downloading the PDF or listening to the MP3 of the Gospel of John at the Nueva Traducción Viviente website.

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