#NSA and 2006

I’m not saying it’s okay just pointing out how ignorant most Americans are…


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16 Replies to “#NSA and 2006”

  1. This sounds a lot like two wrongs make a right. Who can say what some future entity will do with all the archived info the government is keeping.

    1. I clearly said I’m not saying it was right. My point is that Americans are little more than sheep, forgetting what happened yesterday.

      Further, I’m also making the point the media “scandals” really aren’t since this one like the IRS was already known before they “broke”

  2. Meta data. The same kind of info attached to photos you take. Date, size, f stop, for photos. #called, duration for phone. I have no problem with it. Ok. Who cares. All this should have been kept classified. I assume some anti-you know who leaked it. It is obvious that someone calling known terrorists, should also be tracked. And who they call, in turn, should be tracked. For those guys visiting their mistress, just make sure you turn off your GPS report function on your cell phone, otherwise, you’re in trouble with wife, but only if she is a NSA employee. I find it funny. When I was working, NSA people would only put their employer as “government”, when attending meetings. Very close-hold bunch.

  3. If you like the government you will believe what they say and if you don’t like the government you will not believe. Personally I’m not sure what to believe as I have listened to too many officials lie to congress with little or no repercussions and we know officials will judge shop at times to get what they want. Also, how can anyone not know that the phone data has been collected for about 7 years since that fact has been widely reported during the past week. Only those that pay no attention to facts don’t know. What we don’t know is how much more data are being collected and stored for who knows what future use. Once it is collected and stored it will never go away.

    1. because that totally has anything to do with this post.

      A bible college is vastly differently than a seminary where you can earn actual academic degrees.

      Thanks for playing.

  4. But Joel, aren’t most of the people who are attacking Obama on this issue simply saying (explicitly!) that he is *no better than Bush*, and that, in fact, he’s gone back on his promises to transparency and his promise *not* to do this sort of thing? Your bringing up Bush doesn’t make sense, as the comparison with Bush is what this was *all about* in the first place!

    1. John, you’re right on most of this.

      My point is not that Bush did it, only that we’ve know about this for a while so the angst portrayed in the media and the such is rather silly. It’s not like we haven’t know…

  5. I hate to say it , but Bush was correct on this issue. And being “transparent”, does not mean you have to disclosure classified activities. Everything NSA does is classified. The idiot that only worked 3 months for BAH supporting NSA was going for ego gratification, not a higher cause. At least from what I read so far. I guess we shouldn’t investigate people that associate with terrorists? Via phone info. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  6. Joel,
    You are right about the ignorance of the average voter paying little attention to what their representatives are doing or not doing. The major problem seems to be that congress has abdicated on their job of making sure the laws passed are interpreted as intended. I seriously wonder if those executing the classified info are questioned under oath about their activities and if their statements aren’t simply taken as gospel. This has nothing to do with politics except that politics seems to be preventing our reps from doing their job. Without the voters paying attention we can lose our “rights” very quickly. Thinking that I am not doing anything wrong so why should I care has proven deadly in the past.

    1. Skid – I though the judicial branch was in charge of interpretation! 😉

      On other point, this must encapsulate the idead of a slippery slope.

  7. Joel,
    Judicial watch can only go so far, especially when both sides increasingly go court shopping for what they want and if things might lead to an adverse decision they will settle or drop the case to keep it from going further. This is heavily promoted in the interest of the trial lawyers.
    The article you linked is simply an opinion piece where one chooses to believe what they want despite the numerous lies from officials that have been obvious. In most cases the lies could have been avoided by claiming the details are classified and can’t be released to the public. Seems like a lot of poor judgement floating about.

  8. Joel,
    If you mean we don’t know all the truth yet I agree. However when a document is largely a bunch of “he said/he said” statements I will consider that mostly opinion. Many of us decide who to believe based on our preconceptions unless proven facts convince us otherwise. Even then many won’t budge from their mighty perch.

  9. The only reason authorities captured the Boston bombers was their photos on the various security cameras. No video surveillance (without warrant), no capture…, more likely another bombing in Times Square. I don’t see the difference between video surveillance and telecommunications surveillance. From a practical point of view, any unencrypted transmissions, via wire, RF, or optical, can be viewed by anyone with enough technology. If the bad guys can do it, the good guys should be able to, too. From cookies on the Internet, to Verizon monitoring traffic patterns on their net, commercial companies do it all the time to improve their profits. The problem is people thinking the US government is the big, bad, boogie man, out to get you. I’d worry more about AT&T than the government. Or Bank of America, on my visa charges. Or Cox Cable, monitoring every channel of TV you watch. If you have a cable box, your data is known by the local cable guy monitoring traffic. Live with it, I would say. At least NSA monitoring might prevent you from being killed some day.

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