Now what… Real Science offers proof of the Big Bang

I want to highlight this quote because this is what science does. Yes, there are often well founded charges of agendas and biases, but this is who it is supposed to work.

According to Kamionkowski, one of few physicists allowed to see the scientific paper before it was announced at a press conference today, that confirmation is likelier than not. “These are extremely careful and conservative people,” he says of the team that made the observation. “They’ve had this evidence for three years, looked at every alternative explanation for what they were seeing, and systematically ruled them out one by one.”

via Cosmic Bulletins: Two Major Discoveries Rock Science |

And yes, it seems the mathematical suppositions about the Big Bang are proving true.

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  1. The speed of light is/was the physicists’ equivalent of the now infamously wrong four-minute-mile limitation in track. Than, that points out the principal difference between science and superstition. All it takes is one exception to an accepted fact to send scientists back to the drawing boards. Meanwhile, all it takes is one exception in a zillion cases to prove superstition to be a repeatable phenomenon.

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