Now, that is a famine

So, cannibalism wasn’t enough… No, the inhabitants of Jerusalem turned to something else…

 They also invented terrible methods of torments to discover where any food was, and they were these: to stop up the passages of the privy parts of the miserable wretches, and to drive sharp stakes up their anus; and a man was forced to bear what it is terrible even to hear, in order to make him confess that he had but one loaf of bread, or that he might reveal a handful of barley meal that was concealed; and this was done when these tormentors were not themselves hungry; for the thing had been less barbarous had necessity forced them to it; but this was done to keep their madness in exercise, and as making preparation of provisions for themselves for the following days. (Jwr 5:435-436)


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One Reply to “Now, that is a famine”

  1. Worse, “…she slew her son; and then roasted him, and ate the one half of him, and kept the other half by her concealed”. However, perhaps shouldn’t be filed under the tag “HUMOR”, at least not on a Christian web page.

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