Now I know why Mythicists like the Homer-themed Mark so much

–Revealing how the Gospel of Mark is not a primitive gospel with embarrassing scenes that other evangelists had to edit, but actually a Gnostic-themed narrative with Homeric undertones.

via Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: Teaser for The Quest For The Historical Jesus 06/16/2012.

Honestly, people… Homer?

No, Homer is not in Mark WHATSOEVER.

Neither is it Gnostic

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3 Replies to “Now I know why Mythicists like the Homer-themed Mark so much”

  1. Isn’t Dennis a proponent of memetic criticism like you are? Anyway I am glad to see you doing well as far as blogging goes, I am sad to say I have neglected visiting this site.

    1. He is. I cannot fault his methodology and I believe that he is correct (or at least on his way to perfection) with it, but his conclusions undoes his work as he bases his conclusions not on his methodology but on preconceptions.

      Blogging is sporadic, but thanks for the read!

      1. let me correct just one thing… he likes the “mimesis” criticism. I’m using mimetic criticism in a slightly modified literary critical way. Mimetic criticism is defined as how well life is presented.

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