Nothing, not even God

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Peter Enns has linked to and then offered some thoughts on this video.

The views expressed in the video about evolution and those who hold to some form of evolutionary life are simply poor caricatures. They offer diesem as my belief, but in reality, the only Deists are Young Earth Creationists, when God suddenly stopped creating. Their need for absolutes, as expressed by Ken Ham, shows a deep psychological issue that denies real faith, real morality, and a real God.

Further, prayer is not basic to Christianity. How he got that, I don’t know. Why he thinks those who allow evolution and belief in God do not pray, I don’t know.

Hear their words. They cannot imagine anything else but their own view. This is the theory of motivated reasoning in action. Hear the reasons why they believe. It is not based on the positive, but on the negative. What happens to them and their belief if they believe in evolution? Their fear, not their faith, shows. Then… at the end, they somehow confuse the mockery due their superstition with those who have died and who die because of their belief in Christ. I don’t even.

As discussed in my co-edited volume by various authors, evolution, science, and doubt all are allowed. Why? Because Christianity is not anti-science or anti-doubt. And our faith must include doubt.

In watching that video, I remember that stance and I realize just how faithless I really was.

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