Note Taker’s Bible

For those of you who might be interested in a wide-margin bible – although that seems to be an understatement for this bible – a blogger has reviewed the Note Taker’s Bible:

I’ve longed been an admirer of wide-margin Bibles. I consider the wide margin Bible to be the best choice as a Study Bible, because it gives the reader the opportunity to interact with the scriptures, creating their own Study Bible. My current wide margin Bible is a World Heritage. It has nice margins, but the paper is too thin for writing. Also, the inside margin is too difficult to write in, causing you to lose some of that precious note-taking space. On top of that, the fonts are slightly small, and now that I’m past the 40 mark, font size is a bigger deal to me than it used to be. I recently scanned the Web for a Bible with a single column on the inside, a very wide margin on the outside of the page, a nice leather cover, in King James, a font larger than my current Thompson’s 8 point font, and a price I could afford. Well… I found it. The Note Taker’s Bible from Local Church Bible Publishers.

Read the rest here:

Note Takers Bible | Studies In Scripture.

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17 Replies to “Note Taker’s Bible”

  1. This looks like a great bible indeed. However, the print looks a little light in color on the publisher’s pics. To those who already have this bible, how dark is the print in your experience with this bible?

  2. The one from Church publishers does not have a reference system so other than room for notes not very comparable.

    Anyone know what KJV text the Thomas Nelson bible uses? Is it the 1769 without the spelling changes or is it the KJV text with all the spelling changes?

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