Not making too much sense there Rob

Under the title of there is no such publicity as “bad publicity,” I bought Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.

On initial reading, I made it all the way through the first chapter without having too many arguments with him. I was actually hoping that I wouldn’t find too much to argue with throughout the book. No such luck. His second chapter is about Heaven. And, unfortunately, Rob takes on the challenge of defining (or redefining) heaven through a lengthy rambling only to end with …

“And then there’s Jesus’s invitation to heaven here and now, in this moment, in this place.”

This is how Rob ends his chapter on Heaven? I’m more confused than when I started. To be fair, Rob precedes this statement with some quasi philosophical mumbo jumbo about heaven is everywhere sometime and somewhere anytime — but that is neither here nor then.

What interests me is an illustration he makes at the beginning of this chapter about a woman who is crying because if she is going to heaven because she is Christian, then she won’t be with her relatives who weren’t Christian and are all deceased. Rob answered this using an illustration of a pastor who assures her she will be too busy praising God to miss her family.

But, Rob, if heaven is here and now, and her family are not here and now, then she is still in the same boat. She is still, under your theory, in heaven without her relatives. How would you, with your notions of heaven, comfort this woman any better than the pastor you made up?

In a nutshell, Rob, if you were trying to clear things up about what Heaven is — you failed. I have less of an idea of how you interpret heaven having read that chapter than I did before I read it.

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