Not exactly a review of @IVPress’s Read Up, vol 1

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I have begged, pleaded, and stalked members of IVP staff to create study/discussion group materials for some of their books. Finally, after years of worry, and a few judicial restrangement orders, some blue thing I got from her, they have brought to substance my ethereal hope.

In this volume, they have included recently published favorites (such as In Search of Deep Faith) and favorites from a few years ago (such as The Language of Science and Faith). In total, they have included over 30 books to discuss! I have lead small group discussions before and having this resource will come in handy for developing a good conversation.

In reading the discussion questions, I am reminded of how readers should be taught to digest that which is before them. These are not simple “feeling” questions, but questions aimed at making use of the material presented in the chapters. Further, these questions are not aimed at insuring you can simply regurgitate the material, but they attempt to help you apply and to think critically through the material. In the picture below, notice question 3.


Question 3 is not asking you to repeat the answer the authors give, but asking you to think about the subject matter. What is your answer? And that, I believe, is the goal of these discussions groups  — how to take the material presents and think through it.

This book is important to you if,

  • you are a small group leader using one of these books,
  • thinking about starting a small group study on one of these books; or,
  • have read one of these books and what to have a great internal dialogue

A fantastic and timely resource!

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