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Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

It’s not the gays who are ruining “traditional marriage,*” but those who cannot be bothered with devoting the time to marriage, who do not like commitment… and simply do not understand what marriage entails.

But paradigms are changing. Recent research reveals more and more people are choosing to stay single – permanently. The Daily Beast recently reported that 44% of millennials say that marriage is becoming “obsolete.” In his oft-quoted book Going Solo, Eric Klinenberg notes that remaining single has become “a mark of distinction, not a social failure.”

This new “singling” of America is also a measure of the shifting economics of modern life: “Marriage is for people who have money and want to spend money just on the wedding itself,” Gail Wyatt, the director of the University of California Los Angeles’s sexual health program recently told Bloomberg. Diminished societal pressures, meanwhile, often mean that having babies doesn’t require a husband (or a wife, for that matter). (here)

How about we stop singling out one group of people to blame what we see as a problem on?

Just saying…

Also, I’m just saying that we have a lot of fingers pointing, don’t we…

Shucks, I could say a lot… but I won’t.

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  1. Having been married to my first wife for almost a half a century, I can testify that sustained marriage requires more effort than many newly weds realize or are wiling to invest. At the same time, beyond the demise of “’til death do us part,” built-in obsolescence marketing models and revolving door employment practices have gone a long way in convincing folks that nothing lasts. Marriage is just numbered among the casualties.

    However, only a fool believes the current anything-goes marital paradigm is sustainable. Meanwhile, the pendulum of history swings. When it reverses course, more traditional marriages will once again become fashionable.

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