Not Christian-lite, just theological easy

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Okay, so I might have found my jibe a bit short sited, but thanks to Doug for setting me aright.

The Liverpool Diocese said additional texts should be prepared as alternatives for passages in the Common Worship baptismal services used at the overwhelming majority of the 139,000 CofE baptisms every year.

The Rev Dr Tim Stratford, from Kirkby, said a group of clergy from deprived parishes in the Liverpool Diocese had discussed their misgivings about some of the language in the baptismal service.

He said the tension between understandability and historic theological references was “as sharp as ever” in rites such as baptism involving large numbers of people including parents and godparents who are “unchurched”.

One of the passages highlighted by the group was the Prayer over Water, during the baptismal service, which speaks of the children of Israel being led from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land.

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Okay… I can get this. England is living in an unchurched state. Breaking those bearers down, if it is not about removing Christianity but about sharing the Gospel in the language of the people, is something that we should support. Get them to Church first and then educate them in theology.

Yup – Sorry, Fr. Chaplin. I’ll wait to pass a thumbs up or down until the exact motions come out.

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4 Replies to “Not Christian-lite, just theological easy”

  1. Thanks, Joel, for putting the other side so clearly.

    It’s only because so many people read this blog that I stepped in before the story spread further. Consider it a tribute!

    I should have said that while I often disagree with Dr Tim Stratford, who’s putting this forward, I know him and some of his ministry, and he’s working hard and successfully at growing a church and helping people become Christians in one of the more deprived and difficult city areas in the UK. he and his colleagues behind this actually live as well as work in places where many of us would be afraid to walk the streets.

    1. Fr. Chaplin,

      I have no problem correcting myself when I am wrong. It is better to tell the whole truth anyway!

      I do believe that if the goal is to keep Christian baptism accessible (I agree that we have too much patina at times on our Tradition) and thereby attract others, then so be it.

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