North Carolina is about to outlaw any use of facts in making decisions.

First, it was a challenge to climate science:

Lawmakers passed a bill that restricts local planning agencies’ abilities to use climate change science to predict sea-level rise in 20 coastal counties. The bill’s supporters said that relying on climate change forecasts would stifle economic development and depress property values in eastern North Carolina.

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Now, North Carolina wants to ban the inclusion of facts show could be used to show that race plays a part in determining how the death sentence is carried out

The House gave tentative approval to changes that limit how statistics in capital cases can be used in trying to prove discrimination in sentencing. The 2009 Racial Justice Act directed judges to reduce death sentences to life in prison without parole when they determine race was a significant factor in the sentence or in jury selection.

GOP lawmakers and most district attorneys opposed the law they said has delayed the carrying out of capital punishment in North Carolina. Nearly all the 150-plus inmates on North Carolina’s death row filed for reviews under the law.

Maybe because not enough African-Americans were getting the chair?

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2 Replies to “North Carolina is about to outlaw any use of facts in making decisions.”

  1. After the recent marriage-amendment vote, I pointed out that “On the wrong side of history” is the state motto of North Carolina, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

    Via FB, I’ll send you the picture that someone made to go along with that.

  2. This type of magical thinking classifies both belief/faith and science as opinions. Therefore, something like the power of positive thinking or belief in faith healing is just as good as scientific evidence.

    Given the above, my belief that the earth is flat is just as good as you science that the earth is round. After all, they’re both just opinions!

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