Noooooo! Similarities between NLT and ESV Translation Committees?

What? Surely not… You mean the NLT would actually use translators from the ESV… is my worldview folding in on me?

I took a ‘fine tooth comb’ to both Translation Committee’s of the NLT and English Standard Version (ESV) and discovered that, get this, 19 of the 87 scholars (22%) who worked on the NLT also worked on the ESV.

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The Similarities of the NLT and ESV Translation Committees |

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7 Replies to “Noooooo! Similarities between NLT and ESV Translation Committees?”

  1. It was the other way around, Joel…many of the translators of the NLT (1996) were chosen for the ESV (2001). At least one nameless soul who worked on both and is a staunch champion of the NLT was not silent about his disappointment with the ESV final product as little more than a barely modified RSV–he was hoping it would set the standard for a new literal translation and obviously think it lived up to the hype.

  2. TC, but considering that the NLT was written before Adam… 🙂

    I see the ESV – which is perhaps why I don't like it much – as little more than a commerical appeal to the conservatives by revising the RSV, which I like as well.

  3. Agreed…if the ESV had updated the RSV into English like that actually spoken by folks today, I'd be much more of a fan, I suppose. That would, IMO, make it much more valuable than it is–despite the extraordinary hype–but that might also make it read like the NLT 😉

  4. The NLT team included Marianne Meye Thompson and Linda Belleville and the late Joyce Baldwin Caine. The ESV team has excluded women.

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