Noahides and Hebrew Roots

Pj Miller has an interesting post from earlier this week.

I thought someone might be interested in reading this exchange between a Christian missionary and a declared Noahide. This now practicing Noahide was once a Christian, according to the account. Something to keep in mind as you sure and click on the link at the bottom of the article to continue reading the rest at the forum.

From IsraelNationalNews: Learned Son of Noah Encounters a Christian Missionary

Also, someone who has been attending the same church for years, contacted me recently about a concern he has about a few changes which are taking place within his church. So I’m posting some links for him to research.

A bible teacher in his church began months ago to teach on the Hebrew roots of Christianity, but has now apparently moved on to embracing the  Hebrew Roots Movement: teaching the class that true Christians are required by God’s law to keep Jewish holidays, feasts, etc. This teacher now follows the ministry of Michael Rood.

A false prophet if there ever was one…

Michael Rood is in fact a self-proclaimed Messianic preacher who was ordained as a Christian minister within the cult, The Way International (TWI).

You can read about him HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

While these two topics may not seem to be related they actually are.

There are in fact Christians who have become tangled in the Hebrew Roots movement, who have have left Christianity and embraced the Noahide movement. One I can recall was a fairly well known bible teacher on the Internet.

Last year I posted on a conference. (see: Noahide Nations World Conference). You may be interested in reading the comments left by those who responded. Bottom line is this movement denies Christ: plain and simple.

I also believe the entire Hebrew Roots movement is a false form of Christianity.

Not that our seeking to learn about the Hebrew roots of Christianity in itself is wrong, but when it goes beyond and takes on the form of an obsession, it can lead to an entirely ‘new’ or different form of New Testament Christianity, which in most cases it does. I’ve seen it lead to eventually delegating Christ to a lesser position in the God Head, or, to admittedly in rarer instances, denying him altogether.

“One type of the Hebrew Roots movement downplays the role of Jesus in salvation, implying strongly that He was just a good Jewish Rabbi of the first century rather than the unique Son of God. And they teach that the New Testament, while containing some inspirational material, is unreliable as the written Word of God. “ (Hebrew Roots Movement: The Claims)

Read the rest at her site.

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14 Replies to “Noahides and Hebrew Roots”

  1. Wow, that was a wild read. I guess Romans 1:22 is right, Professing to be wise, they became fools. I do guess the missionary did ask for it by asking all those questions when the guy plainly was not interested.

  2. Wait a second here, this movement reveres Yeshua. You have it wrong. God never did away with Torah, never. The feasts are what set God’s people apart from Babylon sun god worship. Our Western Christian culture is deep into i.e. Christmas what a joke, the birth of Tammuz, Mithra, Nimrod, sacrificing babies on the alter of Easter.

    Our sick twisted western gentile minds can’t comprehend, but there is a way thru, repent, of the pagan holidays that you have inherited, that’s all you do.

    Yeshua was the fulfillment of the law and the spring feasts. He is calling the Gentiles unto himself which is a fulfillment of scripture. He will soon be the fulfillment of the fall feasts. Praise Yeshua..I will pray that Yeweh will open up your eyes to see, like Nicodimus.

  3. Hi Joel:

    Real scholarship?? I haven’t read such a work as you have suggested. Yeshua could care less about scholarship. My plea to you respectfully, come away from Babylon, so that your worship may be a sweet smelling savor in his nostrils, Instead of the stench brought on by paganism and our culture. I am not in competition with you seriously. Acts: 24:14.

    1. Angela, you have no real idea about Babylon on the silliness you are peddling. You aren’t in competition with me. How could you be? But you are in competition with God.

    1. Did you mention Replacement theology, because I didn’t. Further, what is really demonic is ignorance and lies – both things need to believe and then retell the garbage in The Two Babylons

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