“Noah” gets something (theologically) correct

First, unless the director/writer of the movie is just pulling stuff out of thin air, the story is not untold. The story of Noah was told and retold in antiquity. Given what looks to be a use of Jubilees and perhaps the Genesis Apocryphon, the movie is only a retelling.

But, I digress.

At the end of the trailer, Noah comments to his wife that the end of everything is just the beginning of everything. Noah is, at its root, a creation story (and just one of the few in Genesis and one of many in the Hebrew Bible).

I am very interested in seeing this movie. What about you?

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2 Replies to ““Noah” gets something (theologically) correct”

  1. If it is in 3D, I’ll see it, and buy it on DVD. Trailer seems to emphasize the special effects, which look cool. I hope I see a few Nephilim floating around, and Noah getting drunk, and blaming it on Ham. But that might be asking too much. Or in the sequel.

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