No, We are Not All Cylons

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There is a new documentary coming out which many of us may enjoy which is highlighting the craziness associated with the fanatics who follow Battlestar Galatica.

Clearly, some fans take it further than others. Some devotees wear casual Viper pilot gear, while others actually refer to themselves as Cylons. One fan told Rein he believes human brains are “living computers” (see preview clip above) and that it wouldn’t be a leap to suggest that some humans actually have Cylon DNA.

At this point, and I say this as a Trekker, one should never watch that show again. Or any show.

So, some have taken it to the next level.

It’s not real.

On the other hand, it does highlight some interesting insights, such as social/corporate memory and the like. And, I really liked the evolution of monotheism in the show. And the explanations of Mitochondrial Eve… but it’s not real….

Or is it?

Alternatively, I enjoy silently thinking about mimesis and the rise of religion in science fiction.

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11 Replies to “No, We are Not All Cylons”

  1. These people have serious problems.

    As huge a fan of DC Comics as I am, I have always maintained the distinction between reality and fantasy… These people are literally psychotic, especially fat Starbuck.

    1. No need for fattist remarks. Our host could be a little slimmer, and I could too. You yourself look distinctly well-fed.

      1. Wow… It’s impressive how you’re able to so closely follow an admonition against “fattist remarks” with not one, but three “fattist remarks.”

        Just sayin’…

          1. Then I shall be factual: you are a hypocrite angry over an oblique reference to a chubby chick in a video all about crazy people. A quick scan of your priorities reveals that you’re less concerned with the lunatics who take a TV show absurdly seriously than my pointing out that one of the people is a bit healthy.

            There is no such thing as “fattism.” Speaking as a medical professional, only a very narrow segment of the obese/morbidly obese are in that condition for reasons beyond their control. So put down the doughnut, go run a few laps and calm down.

  2. Having seen the film in Baltimore, I can say that the trailer plays with the viewers’ notions a bit. This isn’t a film about people who think they’re cylons–it’s about fandom, simulation, performance, origin myths, the role of technology, the nature of the human and our relationship to the divine.

  3. This is just fans being fans, but your remarks about the guy saying the human brain is a cpu, show you lack an understanding of biology, considering the brain is essentially the cpu of the human body, not like a literal computer you can buy in the store, but how it operates.

  4. There’s an important difference. A cpu uses binary signals (that is, only two types, with any fluctuation being rounded out), as well as error checking, to prevent uncertainty. This control is so strong that in some places even quantum entanglement can be used to speed things up, and still the uncertainty is thwarted.

    A brain has no such controls. It is filled with uncertainty, and probably even thrives on it. This may have something to do with the human soul.

    As to cylons, I’ve read the description of their range of beliefs, and it sounds like that of Judaism. Being a Jew, I find this quite insulting considering that the cylons are supposed to have destroyed an entire planetary system.

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