No visible examples of evolution, right @AiG?

Cliff Swallows in Cayucos, California, USA. Th...
Cliff Swallows in Cayucos, California, USA. The nests were built on the bridge over Cayucos Creek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crossing the road has gotten easier for cliff swallows. Over generations, the mortal threat of speeding cars may have shortened their wings.

Over the last 30 years, the number of cliff swallows killed along roads in southwestern Nebraska has plunged, and the birds’ average wing length has shrunk, researchers report March 18 in Current Biology.

via Shorter-winged swallows evolve around highways | Life | Science News.

So, the birds evolved… or is that adaptation? What ever excuse AiG uses, I’m sure it’ll be with the best of science.

He’s the dilly-o. Unlike what the troll in South Korea who got ran out of the U.S. before he was arrested believes, Scripture has nothing to say about the origins of the universe. Further, unlike what Hambone and Hammy-K has said, God is still progressing Creation along, through creation and recreation. This is one of those examples.

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2 Replies to “No visible examples of evolution, right @AiG?”

  1. I’m not a Young Earth Creationist, but I don’t think this example would pose a problem for YECs. Now if we started out with animals that had no wings….

    1. Bilbo, you may be correct – but, they adamantly refuse to accept a modern witnessing to the ongoing evolutionary process. As I noted, they will deflect this example and call it natural selection (Darwin) or adaptation, which is micro-evolution leading to the macro-evolution.

      Ahhh…. the theory of motivated reasoning…

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