No truer words…


(P.S…. what do you think this is?)

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  1. It has nothing to do with this, but if anyone wants to become a pilot,
    In particular, the videos of ejections through the canopy. Preventing bird strikes, and through the canopy ejections seem to be incompatible. Reminds me of the time I was at WPAFB, and the testers said they made a mistake in testing, and used a frozen turkey in the test, instead of defrosting it first. If you want to “see God”, become a pilot, and eject some time.

  2. Nothing is forever.

    (Save, perhaps, from logically necessary truths. – And even that depends on the definitions of “forever”, “truth” and “is”.)

  3. In theory, the electromagnetic radiation originating from any EM source, radiates at the speed of light, away from the source, (assuming a vacuum), forever. The level may be so small, you cannot detect it. But it continues on forever. Assuming the universe continues on expanding forever. Assuming the EM is a wave. I suppose if it gets to the quantum level, (particle) it still exists forever. Then, consider our brains produce electrical activity, so it could be considered an EM source. So I would say something is forever, unless time disappears at the Big Crunch. But no one knows that, even Hawking.

  4. And people think our society is crumbling, and this is a Godless country! At least I don’t have to pick the back of stamps anymore. God Bless America.

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