No, they aren’t a hate group

Frank Schaefer, erstwhile fundamentalist, has issued a call:

The Bible Trump’s evangelicals quote sanctifies humanity’s moral infancy idolizing the worldview of the Iron Age, leaving believers susceptible to justifying all manner of Trump’s evil in the name of God.

Face it: American Evangelicals are the Number 1 threat to democracy.

I am not an Evangelical, nor do I play one on social media. Further, I have friends who are Evangelical and did not, and would not, vote for Trump. Period.

What I find troublesome about this bombastic statement is the reverse is a hidden truth. Those on the ideological extremes are the “threat” and often display cult-like symptoms while promoting hate, as Frank has done.

Look, I don’t like those in the pocket of Trump, but I also can’t stomach of the more extreme liberals. I am not going to consider either side an actual threat. The threat comes from those who follow along too easily, who do not educate themselves about the issues, and who do not speak up about what is important.

When Rome fell, it fell between the imperialists and the republicans. The vast majority of Roman citizens were neither, only crowd followers. They were the mob, and the mob is the most dangerous threat to our Republic.

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