“No one can come to the Father but by me” – Mark Driscoll, 3:16

The hubris of Driscoll knows no bounds… the man is hardly a pastor, but more like a dictator. Further, the amount of attention paid to sex in his church is telling, but I wouldn’t want to tell you too much. You’ll see it soon enough, I suspect.

Anyway, Matthew Paul Turner, shares two posts about Andrew, a young man who attended Mars Hill Church, moving from an active member to one who was excommunicated. That’s right…. Driscoll has established himself as a fundamentalist version of the pope (although, I suspect that the Holy See has more love and compassion in it than Driscoll does. I almost wrote Holy Father, but I don’t want to scare anyone). Notice the dialogue – the church leaders are the ones who can determine sin and repentance. This is in effect a carrying out of a bad characterization of Roman policy. Going beyond this, however, is the puritanical effort of shaming Andrew. You’ll have to read the posts to see what I mean.

Other bloggers have and will respond, but on spectacular note is Dr. Cargill’s response. He’s right – it’s a cult. He warns,

If you a member of the Mars Hill church, get out. And if you would like help getting out, feel free to comment below or email me, and I can refer you to counselors who specialize in helping people remove themselves from abusive relationships, communities, and cults.

I would go further and note that as every blogger has a voice, we should continue to post on Driscoll and call attention to the garbage which he is producing.

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  1. When the actions of your church can be easily compared to those of the notorious space-alien cult of $cientology, it’s time to back off and see why. Of course, Mark Driscoll is not that kind of introspective and is more likely to jump off the cultic cliff.

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