No Military Court Martial for Christians — what will @toddstarnes do now?

These are accurate statements quoted within a proper context without hyperbolic rhetoric:

Members of the military are free to share their faith as long as they don’t harrass others, the Department of Defense said in a statement today.

A Pentagon ban on proselytzing had caused an uproar in social media this week. Conservative activists claimed that service members could face court martial for talking about Jesus.

via Military says no court martials for sharing faith | The Tennessean |

Or, in other words, things you’ll never see on Fox News.

Among the other things Starnes will do is to suggest that he and other conversabloggers have somehow coerced the Government into this admission. A lot of word-play here on their part, but that is what they do. I’m sure they’ll get Tony Perkins on the air in some form to suggest this may be a rouse or that we have to keep our guard up.

One thing I failed to mention in my post about this yesterday – when you join the military, you give up many basic rights and civil liberties, such as speech, association, and others. It’s part of the role you play, I guess.


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