No, being Evangelical Is Not Enough #lent

I discovered that the ancient Church teaches just what the New Testament teaches on the point, namely, that fasting is a salutary thing for us to undertake. Jesus fasted and assumed that His followers would. “When ye fast,” He said, not “if.” Saint Paul both practiced it and taught it. It seems to constitute a reminder to u that our appetites are not all and that man shall not live by bread alone. Furthermore, if we may believe the universal testimony of Christians who do practice it, it also clarifies our spiritual vision somehow. Lastly, it is a token of the Christian’s renunciation of the world. There is no thing that a Christian will insist he must have at all costs. Fasting supplies an elementary lesson here.

via Great Lent | Thomas Howard | From “Evangelical Is Not Enough: Worship of God In Liturgy and Sacrament” | Ignatius Insight.

I’m going to have to get that book…

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  1. That’s a fine little book indeed. I read it somewhere along the way, I believe when I was still a pastor struggling with the inadequacy (biblical, historical, theological) of standard Protestant worship. As I read it, I felt relieved to learn that someone had been where I was then, and that I wasn’t just going crazy. (Howard was still an Episcopalian when he wrote this, and the book reflects that, but he later became a Roman Catholic.)

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